Case study


Helping a wellness tech startup design and launch its digital product

Product Strategy
Usability Testing

Bloom (client)

The challenge

Bloom is a Brazilian wellness tech startup that is building a digital platform for new, working parents. Our goal was to help them transform their business model into an ecosystem that helps companies empower their new parent employees, designing an innovative new digital product that combines different services, from telehealth and message-chat with professionals to access to articles written by well-known specialists.

My role was to lead the user experience of the platform, helping prioritizing features, lead the ideation process, working with visual designers to help define the UI, prototyping, user testing, documentation, and working closely with the development team to assure the best implementation.

The outcome

An innovative digital platform that helps working parents in their journey through maternity and paternity, from pregnancy to early childhood years.



After our team conducted a design sprint with the client and key stakeholders to understand the problem, we realized that there was a missing opportunity to offer solutions not only for newborns but for the parents. Navigating parenthood and being a working employee is physically and mentally straining, so we sought to create a digital platform that spoke to both of these needs.

After the team defined the brand strategy and generated many CX ideas, my role in this phase was to help prioritize the most important features that spoke to our brand strategy and describe the MVP requirements so we could start the UX phase.


Generating possibilities

After the features were prioritized and well-defined, we started an intense ideation process. In this phase, I like to push the team to generate as many solutions as possible, sketching ideas on paper, Figma, or whatever tool the designer feels most comfortable. We like to hang all these ideas on a wall and bring key stakeholders to give us feedback. In this way, we can make sure that everyone sees many different directions and have confidence that we are choosing the best ones as a team.

After the team chose the best solutions, we started a second ideation process where we explored many different variations around those best ideas. Here we explored both UX and UI together, as we think both explorations can give us good insights about the interface as a whole.


Final design

Bloom is the digital care network that has to goal to revolutionize the health and well-being of pregnant women and families with children in early childhood.

Our goal was to build an app that was really friendly, easy-to-use, and that provides confidence that all the content is created by specialists and well-known professionals.

The home screen of the app brings personalized content, based on its relevance to the user. By scrolling down, the user can have an overview of all the features of the app on a single page: the possibility to chat with a Bloom specialist and ask questions about parenting, check personalized content about his/her life moment, and schedule appointments with professionals of the platform.


Specialized content

In the "Learn" session, the user will have content such as articles, audios, and videos on various topics related to parenting, all created by specialists selected by Bloom.

One of the most challenging parts of this app was to make all these contents well-organized. So to create an even more personalized experience, we had an idea to organize them in a timeline, which will be always positioned at the baby's age or the pregnancy the parents are in. All the articles, audios, and videos showed on the page will be related to that specific age, making sure that we are displaying only information that is relevant to the user.

If the parents want to check content about other ages, they can simply slide through the timeline and place it at a specific age they are interested in.


Proximity to
the user

It was important to give an experience that parents would feel embraced and supported during all the moments. So we created this feature where specialists from the Bloom team would be available all the time to help parents via chat. This team will answer questions about parenting, as well as forward Bloom contents that are relevant to their question.


Tele Health

A network of pediatricians, obstetricians, psychologists, and breastfeeding and sleep professionals are available on the platform. The service provides specialists on various expertise for appointments, which can be scheduled and made by video call.



One of my key learnings during this project was to push the team to build well-detailed documentation. The platform had many different use cases and back-end behaviors that it was important to make everything clear for the development team.

We used Zero Height as the platform to document everything - from brand pillars and voice tone to prototypes, descriptions, and style guide. We followed up on the development phase to make sure the team had all the information needed and solving issues during the process.


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