Case study

Natura Essencial

Redesigning the packaging of one of the biggest perfume brands in Brazil

Industrial Design

Natura (client)

Brasil Design Awards

The challenge

Essencial is one of the most classic and iconic perfumes from Natura, one of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world. After almost 20 years, the packaging design remained the same. So, in 2018 Natura came to Questtonó with the task to redesign both the male and female versions. 

Together with a multidisciplinary team, we went through a sprint process, generating many different ideas and aligning with different stakeholders - engineering, marketing, sales - during the design phase, making the decision process much faster and enabling all teams to participate from the beginning and have a voice in decision making.

After each cycle of iteration, the Research and Strategy team led discussion groups with users, presenting the concepts to try to understand which visual styles were the most appropriate. Based on the learnings, we could refine the project to reach a final delivery for Natura.

The outcome

Launched in March 2020, the new Essencial has been a huge success in the market, as well as an internal case study for implementing an agile process in an industrial design project.

Website: Natura Essencial

Design sprints

From initial brand discussions and finding key territories to initial sketches and refined proposals, the design sprints enabled us to iterate with all key stakeholders and get to the right ideas much faster. 

Every day the client came to our design room and provided us feedback on our ideas. We presented rough sketches, 3D models, and 3D printing prototypes to make everything more tangible. At the end of each week, we went out into the field to talk to customers to get their valuable feedback.


Final design

After 4 weeks of iteration with the entire team and customers, we got to the final design. The result is a more refined and modern packaging that reflects what Natura wanted for the Essencial brand, while at the same time maintaining the essence of the classic and iconic old design. 

We wanted to keep the "S" shape, very iconic on the previous packaging, but making it more refined. So we took that classic line and made it more geometric with sharp edges, creating a clear modernization of the old fluid-organic design. The light that hits the surface creates a beautiful, polished look to the overall shape, making it look like a jewel in any material.


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