Case study


A practical and fun method to learn English

Industrial Design

Danilo Saito
Umcomum team
Spindow (client)

The challenge

When professor Rodrigo Guimarães and studio Umcomum reached me, they had this vision of building an affordable, visual and easy-to-use tool for teaching English. They had a rough metal prototype that showed the main idea, however, it didn't match those requirements. 

So the task assigned to me was to design an user-friendly product - from concept to manufacturing - that would engage people to learn English in an easy and fun experience.

This was a nice challenge to me because it was the first time I designed a physical product from concept to final detailing ready for manufacturing. So it was a great learning experience to think in every detail that would make this product feasible and follow up the manufacturing process to assure that all the important aspects of the project would be kept on until the final shipping product.

The outcome

A user-friendly product - from concept to manufacturing - that enables teachers to teach English in a visual and engaging process. It's made by MDF wood, manufactured with laser cutting that as an easy mount and dismount mechanism.


An innovative method to learn a language

Spindow is a practical and fun method for anyone who wants to learn English. The method shows patterns that are always repeated in the language so the user can understand its logic and play with it to make new phrases. It’s a platform that can be applied to teaching any language.

By deconstructing the words into blocks with different colors, students - children and adults - can understand the language structure in a more visual way, making the learning process more intuitive and easy.

The method is helping a lot of people with dyslexia, making up 80% of the students that are using this tool to learn. 


10% to 15% of the world population is dyslexic


Easy to mounted and dismounted

To make the tool easy to be carried and the packaging smaller, I designed this mechanism to make the product easy to be mounted and dismounted.

Just two flat pieces placed crossed together make the structure for the discs, that are placed on the top. 



This part of the project was a challenge for me because I wasn't used to following projects until the final production. So it was a great learning process to have close contact with the company responsible for production, ABC Brinquedos, and come up with solutions that would make the project feasible. 

One key part of the project was to make a low-cost affordable product. So to do that we come up with the solution of laser cutting two different 3 mm MDF sheets and attach later them together. The painting would be done separately so it would be easier and cheaper for the supplier. The pieces use stickers for decoration and are also made by laser cutting.


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