About me

I'm a multidisciplinary designer focused on creating meaningful products and experiences both physical and digital, collaborating with teams from research and strategy to ideation and development.

Over the years I've been working on projects across many different sectors, designing digital products, smart devices, user experiences, future-concept designs, product strategies, and more.

In the past years, I've started to dive deep into the XR world, helping tech companies create future visions of how AR/VR & Mixed Reality will transform the way people interact and live digital experiences.

My greatest passions are sketching and creating concept art by exploring 2D, 3D, and VR mediums. I simply love to design vehicles, futuristic-concept cars, and spaceships of all kinds.

That's the reason why I also developed a great curiosity about space, enjoying reading and watching documentaries about black holes, Mars, and anything related to space exploration. 

Some key companies and projects I've worked on

Partnered with Magic Leap to explore, envision, and communicate key attributes, experiences, and use cases for Mixed Reality. 

Helped WarnerMedia execs and creative directors to visualize strategies for future technologies in movie productions.

Helped eMed, a health-tech startup, envision future concept ideas, visualize business strategies, and prototype AR / digital experiences.

Worked with Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go, to help visualize use cases for future XR experiences.

Led the design of a new digital platform for Nivea.

Created concept art images for Neon Wild, a US-based startup that wants to transform the way kids interact with superhero stories.

Helped WayRay, an AR-mobility company, to envision a futuristic-concept car.

Worked with Ford to design the user experience of a new SUV.

Helped Energisa, one of the biggest energy companies in Brazil, to design and launch a completely new digital bank for the Brazilian market.

Helped Tupinamb√°, a tech-mobility startup, to design a new electric car station.

Helped Natura redesign the packaging of one of the biggest perfume brands in Brazil.

Designed for LG a Red Dot and iF Award winner portable speaker for the global market.

Partnered with Samsung to do research and generate UX ideas for a new smartphone.

Helped AB InBev to do research, strategy, and to visualize innovative ideas for small traditional markets across the globe.

During college, designed a sustainable milk-packaging solution that was featured in innovation websites like Fast Company and international design books like Green Packaging Solutions.

Worked at the Volkswagen Design Studio to help design the next generation of cars.

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