Danilo Saito

Design Director at Questtono Manyone.
Concept Designer.
Based in NYC.

11+ years working in digital and physical product design, concept design, and extended reality. Leading strategy-design projects for companies like Magic Leap, Walmart, LG, WarnerMedia, Niantic, and several startups.

Work overview

Extended reality


Working with several big companies and tech startups to explore, envision, and design strategic experiences and use cases in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. Leading teams of multidisciplinary designers to develop UX strategies, user journeys, concept art, UI, and prototypes of spatial experiences. Helping design strategic visuals to communicate what is the metaverse and its key attributes. Envisioning new virtual worlds.

Concept design


Exploring 2D, 3D, and VR mediums to create sci-fi vehicles, spaceships, and new fantasy worlds. Working with clients in the entertainment and automotive industry to envision concept designs through sketches, 3D modeling, rendering, and concept art. Sharing my personal explorations on my Instagram and ArtStation pages. 

Digital design


Partnering with big companies and startups to envision, build, and launch new digital products from scratch. Helping stakeholders align on the product strategy and MVP requirements. Leading the team to explore innovative ideas and build prototypes that show the concept design vision. Helping conduct user testing sessions to get feedback and document learnings and design improvements. Build documentation and design systems to guide developers into the development phase. 

Industrial design


Designing several award-winning physical products, from consumer electronics and packaging to transportation and smart devices. Working from rough sketches and dirty prototypes to refined 3D models and renderings.


2x Latin America Design Awards 
5x Brasil Design Award
1x Worldstar Global Packaging Awards
1x CES Innovation Awards
1x EISA Awards
1x Red Dot Design Award 
1x iF Design Award
1x European Product Design Awards
Finalist - Airbus Fly Your Ideas
1st place - Talento Volkswagen 2014
1st place - Renault Experience 2014
3x Idea Brasil
4th place - Karmann-Ghia


About me

I'm a multidisciplinary designer navigating between extended reality, concept design, digital design, and industrial design.

At Questtono Manyone, I've been leading teams and projects for several sectors and clients like Magic Leap, WarnerMedia, Niantic, and Walmart / Store Nº8, focused on building strategies, creating concept visions, and designing full experiences by exploring new emerging technologies.

I also love designing futuristic vehicles, concept cars, and spaceships of all kinds in my personal work exploring 2D, 3D, and VR tools.

I'm a Brazilian-born, Japanese descendant, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. 

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