Case study

eMed Digital Healthcare

Leveraging emerging tech to design reliable at-home medical testing experiences 

Digital Design, Extended Reality

UX strategy 
Experience design
Product vision
Design system


eMed is on a mission to democratize healthcare with a digital point-of-care platform that provides fast, easy, and affordable at-home healthcare testing. They embrace quantitative medicine to deliver prescribed tests and treatments directly to patients, driving better and more cost-effective results.

Working together with Questtono Manyone, my role was to lead the team in the exploration and design of new user experience solutions. Our goal was to make the end-to-end testing experience faster, more reliable, and more effective by leveraging AR, AI, and other emerging technologies.

What I did

  • Explored several use cases and strategic scenarios that leverage AR, AI, and other emerging technologies to improve the digital point-of-care customer experience
  • Designed and prototyped experiences for new product visions, including AR experiences and digital and physical interactions
  • Built an initial design system to provide consistency and cohesiveness across digital 2D and 3D experiences
  • Redesigned user flows and UX/UI of existing user journeys to streamline and improve the end-to-end testing experience

Leveraging emerging tech to envision new experiences

eMed aims to revolutionize healthcare by leveraging emerging tech. As part of my role, I helped them envision strategic scenarios and experiences that could transform the end-to-end point of care user experience. We explored the potential of technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, and new digital platforms and envisioned innovative experiences across the near, mid, and long-term future.

Our team conducted user research to map the current user journey and the main pain points. After that, we created ideal user journeys and quickly translated our ideas into tangible experiences through storyboards. These storyboards showcased how technology could enhance every step of the customer experience, enabling us to collect quickly valuable feedback from key stakeholders.


Designing and prototyping AR experiences

Augmented reality offers amazing opportunities to enhance the at-home medical testing experience. So our team was tasked to explore and design user experiences and interfaces that leveraged AR to guide users through the steps of the testing process, provide them verified results, and allow access to treatment within minutes, from anywhere. Working together with our multidisciplinary team, we were able to deliver tangible product visions in Figma and a proof-of-concept prototype that was presented to multiple investors and stakeholders.


Improving the existing at-home testing experience

My role also included helping eMed improve the existing UX medical testing experience. This included redesigning the login and setup experience, user profile management and selection, onboarding experience, and preparing test takers for the session prior to speaking to a proctor who will guide him/her through the testing process.


Building an initial design system

To help eMed’s internal teams continue to develop digital solutions with consistency, I helped create an initial design system that translated eMed’s visual identity to their digital products, creating alignment between both 2D and 3D experiences across their digital platform.


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