Case study

Nivea Minha Pele

Designing and launching a new digital platform for skincare

Digital Design
2020 – 2021

Product strategy
Design direction


Nivea, one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the skincare category, approached Questtono Manyone with the challenge to create a digital solution that translates the same confidence and success found in their in-store experience to Nivea's digital world. 

Working with our multidisciplinary team, my role was to help define the overall product strategy and lead the design team to create an engaging and innovative digital experience for skincare. 

MinhaPele by Nivea was launched in 2021.

What I did

  • Helped define and map the product strategy in collaboration with our strategy team and the client
  • Led the team in the UX and UI design phase
  • Prototyped key interactions and experiences for user testing
  • Helped build documentation of the experience for the development phase
  • Worked with the development team to implement and launch the product pilot

Defining the product strategy and mapping the customer experience

With the challenge “How can we create a humanized and personalized digital skincare experience?”, we entered into a co-creation process with the Nivea team to define the product strategy. We also created a CX map where we ideated solutions across the entire customer experience.

We quickly prototyped our initial hypothesis and put it in front of consumers to collect early feedback on our solutions. This was critical to ensure that our insights were truly aligned with customers’ needs.


A human-centered skincare experience

With insights from customers, we evolved the product features to deliver a tangible human-centered experience.

From the beginning of the onboarding process, we wanted the people to feel as if they were having a conversation with another person, with simple and engaging questions that made them learn about their skin.


A personalized skincare routine for everyone

Based on the answers, Nivea gives a personalized skincare routine for each customer. In the app, users can see what products they should use and why, ask questions to a chatbot about their skincare routine, and schedule appointments with a real skincare consultant.


A 360º solution

Our goal was to build a solution that transforms people’s relationship with their skin as well as position Nivea as the trustable brand for skincare across all the touchpoints of this journey.


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